Why invest in Social Media?

With 62% of Australians using Social Media every day, Social Media Management & Marketing is one of the most effective & economical ways to generate brand awareness and drive leads & conversions for your business.

If you're still not convinced, here are just a few of the many benefits of incorporating Social Media into your digital marketing strategy:

facebook logoFacebook
Facebook offers unprecedented data insights & audience segmentation tools for ads, so you're reaching the right people in the right place at the right time.

instagram logoInstagram
The third most active Social Media platform in Australia (34%) below YouTube (68%) and Facebook (70%), Instagram is great for businesses with high visual appeal in terms of organic amplification & user-generated content.

linkin logoLinkedIn
Ranked the top Social Media network for lead generation, with 46% of businesses surveyed by LinkedIn reporting that the platform delivered leads. Offers targeting options, assistance with building & optimising ads, and flexible pricing.

youtube logoYouTube
1 in 2 Australians use YouTube, which adds up to 12 million+ users. YouTube ads operate on a Pay Per View basis, so you don’t pay if people skip your ad but you still get the benefit of the brand awareness.


According to Yellow's Social Media Report 2018, more than 50% of Social Media users say they are
"more likely to trust brands that interact positively with customers on Social Media, make engaging and relevant content, and update frequently."

Isn't it time your business invested in Social Media?


of Social Media users in Australia are on Facebook. [1]


of Australian consumers follow businesses and brands via Social Media. [2]


of medium-sized businesses advertise on Social Media. [3]

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Social Content

Data-driven Content Strategy

The quality & creativity of your content has never been more important in ensuring your business stands out from the crowd on Social Media. At Found, we optimise your business’ Social content using data-driven insights into your buyer persona and target market, while maintaining a high level of creativity & originality.

The Sales Funnel

In developing a content strategy for your business, we create content that caters to your target customers according to different stages in the sales funnel, building brand awareness informative & educational content at the top-of-funnel stage and, once they have become customers keeping people loyal, adding value, and potentially upselling when they’re already customers.

Social Community

Community Management

Found's Social Team delves deep into your business & buyer persona to develop an appropriate & consistent personality for your brand across your Social platforms. We nurture & grow your audience with quality content, targeting their interests & needs, and engaging in a dialogue with them that puts your brand front of mind.


Social Advertising

Brand Awareness

Organic reach is all but dead on Social platforms, with only 1 - 5% of your Social following actually seeing your content organically. At Found, we counteract this through Social advertising that strategically amplifies the reach of your Social posts and ensures the relevant people see what your business has to say.

Lead Generation

At Found, we do our best to reach high-intent users with our Social ad messaging, aiming to generate conversions at multiple points. This includes traditional business website product enquiries, purpose-built landing pages with form-fills, as well as native Facebook & Instagram lead forms.


Smart Research

ROI Focus

Tailored Strategy

How We Do It

Over two years, Found Digital's Social Team transformed Lumo Energy's Facebook presence with creative & engaging content, strategic targeting and consistent branding.

The results were remarkable, with Lumo Energy achieving the highest engagement rate on Facebook of the entire Australian energy retail sector - in fact, engagement was 300% higher than their nearest competitor.

Read our Lumo Energy Omni-Channel Marketing Case Study to find out more.

We help you reach your customers with Social content that matters.


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