Our Challenge

To target Australian small business owners with custom websites and to increase the quantity and quality of monthly leads.

Our Solution

We implemented a Social Acquisition Campaign to:

Generate quality leads through a combination of Facebook Lead Forms & Landing Page campaigns.

Reach the right customers using complex methods of targeting, such as lookalike audiences & retargeting pixels.

Build on audience and leads through consistent A/B testing and campaign optimisation.



We reached 232,361 unique people within a tightly targeted, SME-focused audience.

We discovered that the Facebook Lead Form campaigns outperformed the Landing Page campaigns, with a conversion rate of 12.51% compared to 3.21%.

We met and exceeded campaign KPIs and forecasts, largely due to the addition of the Lead Form Ads.

The average Cost Per Acquisition of the Lead Form Ads was 60% lower than the Landing Page campaigns, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of using Social Media for Acquisition.  

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