Lumo Energy Omni-Channel Marketing

Lumo Energy is a 100% Australian-owned energy retailer with a distinctive brand and a commitment to providing their customers with great deals on electricity and gas in South Australia & Victoria. The recipient of numerous customer service awards, Lumo Energy prides itself on its unique position within the Australian energy retail market. While not the biggest energy company, Lumo is instantly recognisable through its quirky use of appliances in its marketing campaigns, each of which has its own identity and role in promoting the Lumo brand.

The Challenge


  • Lumo Energy came to Found wanting to build and maintain an industry-leading Social Media and Content Marketing presence that was creative, engaging & informative for their current audience, while organically attracting new customers at the same time.

  • While Lumo was using a variety of marketing channels, such as TV, Radio and a range of digital platforms - AdWords, Display, Facebook, etc. - they lacked the ability to understand the impact of each channel on the other, or which channels were the most efficacious in terms of optimising their marketing spend.

Our Solution

SEM, Social Media, SEO & Content Marketing

Our SEM, Social, SEO & Content teams created a fresh, distinctive and engaging digital marketing strategy based on in-depth market & keyword research, topical trends & seasonal events, working closely within Lumo’s unique ‘fun & quirky’ brand.

We implemented powerful & innovative Social Media advertising campaigns to engage existing followers as well as targeting highly relevant potential customers using insights gleaned from both Facebook & Google Analytics.

Over two years, our Content & SEO team created a strategy for the Lumo Energy blog that dramatically improved the relevance & quality of the articles & creative, ensuring they would perform well on both Facebook and organically.



Lumo had the highest engagement rate on Facebook of the entire Australian energy retail sector, which was 300% higher than their nearest competitor.

From Q1 2016 to Q1 2017, there was a 217.11% overall increase in page views on Lumo's blog and a 97.38% increase in organic page views.

We created a custom Marketing Mix & Attribution Model that allowed us to optimise the marketing spend across each channel.

We restructured the campaign to focus on high ROI keywords for the targeted market, resulting in an 86% improvement in lead volume and a 61% decrease in cost per lead.

Analytics & Reporting

To tackle the issue of understanding the impact of each of Lumo Energy’s marketing channels on the other — TV, Radio & Digital— we created an interactive Marketing Mix & Attribution Model. This model assisted us in determining the significance of each of the channels individually and of the interaction between the different channels.

Based on the level of statistical and business significance we not only optimised the combination of the marketing channels, but also optimised the spend on each channel.

How this benefited Lumo ...

Our Marketing Mix & Attribution Model gave us deep insights into the efficiency of the marketing channels and their various combinations. As a result, we were able to address the inefficiency in our marketing processes by removing the insignificant mediums.

On the basis of this information, we restructured Lumo’s Digital Marketing campaign to be more granular, focusing on high ROI keywords for the targeted markets, reducing the spend and significantly increasing the conversion rate – a massive win-win for Lumo Energy.

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