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At Found, we know there is no ‘one size fits all’ digital marketing solution, which is why we customise a strategy around what works best for you & meets your business goals.

We do this by bringing to the table our expert knowledge of each element of the digital marketing space, consistently fine-tuning our campaigns to ensure value for your marketing dollar, and helping you navigate through the complexity of the digital landscape.



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Parramatta Hot Water

“The team at Found Digital were extremely professional and very well up to date with what’s trending technologically in the digital environment. They knew exactly what to implement to enable traction, volume and growth to our Company/Business. They knew what to market to our target audience and customer base. Making the transition to this agency was dynamic, fluid and simple. No complication nor detrimental down-time periods. I would encourage any small to medium business owners to invest with Found Digital. They know how to investigate and target the required demographics, forecasting realistic results and delivering what they initially propose in every campaign manifested in the company. I’m expectant to what lays ahead as we continue to invest with them. I can guarantee any business owner the following….You’ll get your return in investment with Found Digital.”

Renzo Antonio Director of Marketing & Communications


Lifestyle Patios

Found Digital have been looking after our Website & Social Media for a few years now and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The staff are always looking at ways to bring attention to our Website and Facebook page. Recently our Social Media Manager came up with a campaign to get people to submit their details through Facebook if they were interested in a quote. Not only did we receive lots of people wanting quotes, but we were successful in signing contracts with many of these customers. We are also getting more & more customers phoning us direct saying that they have seen us on Facebook so whatever Found Digital are doing, it’s definitely working. Thank you.

Lee Sims Manager


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