Why You Should Never Trust An SEO Provider Who Promises Page 1

16 January, 2018

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘If it seems too good to be true, it probably is’? Well, when it comes to promises from SEO providers, you should make this your mantra.

In the following, Found’s SEO Operations Manager, Chris Van Langenberg, tells us why you shouldn’t trust an SEO provider who promises page 1 rankings.

1. Because Google says so – Google explicitly states on its support page ‘No one can guarantee page 1 rankings’.

2. Rankings do not equal success – While rankings are important, what’s even more important is what you’re ranking for. Sure, you can rank for ‘left handed plumbers with brown hair and freckles in Richmond’ pretty easily. Achieving this however isn’t going to bring any traffic to your site or deliver you a return on your investment.

3. No one controls rankings – You can only guarantee something you have complete control over. If I own a magazine and you purchase an ad in it, I can guarantee where your ad will appear, how many copies will be printed and how many people the magazine will be distributed to. This is because I control the layout, I control the printing and I control the distribution. SEO agencies, however, do not have control over Google. There are over 200 ranking factors that Google are constantly tweaking through their algorithms. On top of this, your competition is always working hard to overtake you. While a good SEO agency will have you on page 1 more often than not, no one can guarantee this kind of ranking all the time.

4. Personalised search – You can do a search and then have a friend or family member do the same search and get different results. There are many factors specific to the individual performing the search that effect the rankings, such as whether or not you are logged into a Google account, your search history, what device you are searching from and where you are located when you perform the search.

5. Have they even seen your site? – You have probably seen a page 1 guarantee on an agency’s website or in the subject title of a spam email they have sent you. Either way, it’s a pretty safe bet that the agencies making these guarantees have never even seen your website. You may have a terrible website, limitations with your content management system or a penalty due to previous black hat SEO. Whatever the case, without seeing your site no agency can give you any indication of potential performance, let alone make a page 1 guarantee.

What you should look for in an SEO provider

1. A focus on the entire process - A good SEO company knows that their responsibility doesn’t end with simply ranking you for a key phrase; their KPIs should extend beyond this to include things such as traffic and conversions. When looking for an SEO provider you should look for someone focused on generating quality traffic to your site and creating genuine connections between you and your potential customers.

2. Transparency – A good SEO company should be completely transparent with what you are getting for your investment. Will they implement onsite optimisations? Will they generate content? Do they acquire links? Will they implement technical improvements? What does their reporting look like? How much work will they be doing per month? You should know the answer to all these questions and more before engaging an SEO provider.

3. Demonstrated success – Before engaging an SEO provider you should seek some examples of work they have done. Whether this is via case studies or putting you in contact with current clients, they should be able to speak to the issues the client faced when coming on board, the solution they implemented and the results that came from it.

If you are looking for an agency that doesn’t make big promises but delivers big results, have a chat with Found Digital’s SEO team. We work with you to develop a strategy aimed at delivering long term success with your SEO.

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