The Secret of Search Success - 'Get Found With Found' Webinar Series

16 November, 2018

In the final of our 'Get Found With Found' webinars Michael Watkins, (former) Director of Customer Performance & Analytics at Yellow, discusses the 'Secret of Search Success' with Found's SEM Manager, Pei Hou and SEO Manager, Chris Van Landenberg. They are joined by a representative from one of Found's key technology partners - Adam Scott, Chief of Staff at Marin Software - who adds his perspective on how automation can assist performance marketers to make smarter decisions, generating revenue & a great ROI.

The focus of the webinar is on how the SEO and SEM experts at Found work together to deliver integrated search campaigns for our clients. Chris talks about the importance of Search Engine Optimisation in an age where organic search continues to rise, particularly with the growth in voice search queries. Given how specific and localised the majority of voice searches are, Chris emphasises how important it is that your business' name, phone numbers and address are up-to-date across the internet, as this is one of the most direct ways customers can find you.

Pei talks about how Paid Search complements SEO, putting your business at the top of branded search results and targeting people who are looking for your services. Both Chris and Pei acknowledge the importance of having both SEM and SEO, with the former providing businesses with instant results and the latter building traffic over time. In light of this, Adam Scott discusses the ways Marin's powerful bidding tools assist Found's Search teams in getting the best results for our customers.

Watch the webinar and download the presentation pack for more insights into the 'Secret of Search Success'.

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