Surprising social media statistics about Australia.

18 October, 2019


Here are some of the most surprising social media statistics in Australia, and what they mean for you.


Half of all Australians use Facebook daily.

How many people use Facebook? In Australia, it’s the most popular social media platform, reaching 6 in 10 people. What’s more, 50% of Aussies check Facebook every single day. 

Facebook is one of the most important social media platforms for any small business to connect with existing customers, and find new ones. If you have to choose one social media platform for your small business, chances are you will end up picking Facebook. 

A third of all Australians use Instagram.

Whether it’s posting pictures or checking out hashtags, Australians love Instagram. Instagram is one of the best channels out there for social media marketing, if your products are visually appealing.

And just in case you missed it, Facebook owns Instagram. This is great news for small businesses, because you can run ad campaigns across the two to reach more users.

YouTube has 15 million Australian visitors per month.

As the go-to source for video content, Aussies spend more than 21 hours per month browsing videos on YouTube. 

Like other platforms, YouTube has paid advertising available before and during a video, but you can also create and post your own content for free. It’s owned by Google, which is a bonus as you can include it in your <display marketing campaigns.

Facebook gets 85% of its ad revenue from mobile.

Mobile matters. Australia has one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world, with 87% of Australians owning a smartphone device according to the 2018 Yellow Social Media Report. Social media users in Australia are checking apps on their daily commute, during breaks, or in the evenings, which explains why so much ad revenue is invested in mobile. 

The takeaway? When you’re setting up ad campaigns on social media, remember to prioritise mobile to reach your customers anywhere at any time.

44% of social media users follow a brand.

This one’s great news for small businesses. Almost half of all social media users follow brands or businesses on social media, which means they’re interested in and open to connecting with companies online.

On top of that, more than half of all consumers say that they’re more likely to trust brands that invest in their social media, and interact with customers in a positive way online.

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