7 clever social media campaigns that are super easy to set up.

12 September, 2019

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Mix up your social media strategy with something that will engage your followers and buck the usual social media trends.

Here are seven clever ideas for your social media campaign.

1. Scavenger hunts.

Scavenger hunts are one of the great childhood pastimes, so why do we stop in adulthood? Help your followers remember their love of a good scavenger hunt by giving them a list of things they need to find, photograph, and share with you for a prize. This could be anything from a video of them doing the Macarena in front of one of your stores to them taking a selfie with a staff member.

2. Create a unique hashtag.

Come up with a unique hashtag that your followers can use to share their stories. Try to find something that everyone can identify with for the most participation. For example, perhaps you are a car rental brand looking to promote hiring vehicles over other forms of transport, so you could encourage your followers to share their #WorstAirportStories.

3. Fill in the blank.

Social media advertising doesn’t get much simpler than this. Take a leaf out of Cards Against Humanity’s book and ask your followers to fill in the blank. Simply set up a sentence, leave a space, and let them know that the most creative posts will walk away with a prize.

4. Run an AMA.

An ‘AMA’ is an ‘Ask Me Anything’, where your followers can ask any question of one of your staff members. For example, a hairdressing company might wrangle a senior stylist in for an AMA and followers could ask questions about hair care tips from a pro, or even about their favourite Netflix show. This can give your brand a real human side and bring in a little light-hearted fun as well.

5. Caption competitions.

A caption competition will bring out some of the most ridiculous puns you’ve ever seen, but it will also create more engagement than a season finale of The Bachelorette. Find or take a photo of something related to your brand and ask your followers for captions – and don’t forget a prize incentive for the best one.

6. Start a debate.

Just when you think there’s already enough debate on the internet – start a new one! Keep it light, such as whether red or black rental cars go faster or whether a winter holiday is superior to a summer one, and be sure to weigh in on the most persuasive comments.

7. Climb on the latest bandwagon.

The bizarre online world is never short of a bandwagon to join. Whether it’s Yanny vs. Laurel, the ice bucket challenge, planking, or the running man challenge, get involved with a post that shows you taking part (or taking a side) in the latest social media trends. Challenge your followers to get involved and ask for their take on the latest craze.  

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