12 Google Chrome extensions to help small business win online.

21 November, 2019


Here are 12 of the most useful Chrome extensions for small businesses.

Say goodbye to procrastination with Todoist, a to-do list task manager built for Chrome that can be used to collaborate with others, track projects, set reminders and more. It integrates with all your devices, so you can manage your daily tasks from anywhere.

ZipBooks enables you to easily track time spent and billable hours by automatically integrating your time worked into your new customer invoice in a single click. The extension also detects untracked time and can be integrated with credit card payments.

Tellq provides a set of tools for small businesses to handle calls: configure the best call distribution strategy to fit business needs, make and receive calls, manage and monitor workflow and integrate with your existing CRM all using Tellq.

Keep track of your productivity with Toggl Button, an extension designed to monitor your time online and collect data on productivity. Using Toggl’s reports, you can get a clearer picture of where you’re wasting time and make adjustments as needed.

Whether you’re writing a business blog or sending an important email, Grammarly is an invaluable tool that can pick up on typos and grammatical issues. Use this extension to make sure your content is easy to read, professional and error-free

SignEasy allows you to quickly sign, fill out and attach documents in Gmail. It works with purchase orders, service agreements, invoices, and just about anything else that requires a digital signature.

Been inspired by business branding you’ve come across online? WhatFont analyses text anywhere on the web to identify the font used, as well as the size, line height and colour hex code.

Keepa helps you stay up-to-date on any price drops across all Amazon sites, which is great for monitoring the competition if you sell products on Amazon, or staying in the loop about discounts on key materials for your business.

If you have files and folders scattered across the cloud, cloudHQ Sync enables you to pull all your cloud-based files into Google Drive, so you can search and access all of your files in one place. cloudHQ syncs with Evernote, OneNote, Box, OneDrive, Gmail, SharePoint, Basecamp, Dropbox and more.

Zoom is a simple and intuitive video conferencing tool that’s ideal for remote meetings. It lets you share your screen, give remote control to someone else, record meetings and more.

Social media management tool Buffer allows to share content and publish your updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more from anywhere on the web. It also tracks your results and analyses everything you share on social media.

Find out how your site visitors interact with your landing pages with Page Analytics by Google. Get insights into what they click on, how long they spend on each page and more.

Alongside these great tools is a treasure trove of other valuable extensions for small business owners. Whether you want help staying focused or being productive you can bet there’s a Chrome extension to help you achieve your goals. 

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