Digital Audits

Get to know the state of your business’ digital marketing with our in-depth Digital Audit services, giving you a solid foundation on which to establish a digital marketing strategy & grow your business into the future.

Digital Strategy

All of Found's digital campaigns are multi-channeled and backed by research, helping us to build a dynamic strategy based on your business objectives & incorporating the latest in digital marketing innovation.

Analytics & Reporting

Our industry leading Analytics & Reporting technologies give us the insights we need to ensure the best return on your marketing investment, so that every dollar you spend contributes to the growth of your business.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Following a comprehensive audit of your landing pages and/or website, Found will identify ways that optimising your content, incorporating effective CTAs & improving user experience will generate quality leads & increase your conversion rates.

Found's Business Intelligence Lets You Dive Deep Into Your Digital Performance

In the example below, we were able to forecast a client's Facebook Engagement levels - Post Likes, Shares & New Page Likes - within an 80% level of confidence. This kind of data gives us a unique insight into the effectiveness of our Social Media Strategy for the client, showing us that what we're doing is working and giving the client a great return for their marketing spend.

Have a look around our Facebook Engagement Forecast - it's interactive!

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