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Grow your brand with social media

Personalised social media account management

Connect with more customers and grow your brand using social media. Found Digital’s expert social media team has extensive experience working with small, medium, and large Australian brands. They can tailor for your business a comprehensive social media strategy that builds brand awareness, while enhancing consumer trust and confidence.

Found Digital partners with businesses to develop for them a compelling and authentic brand voice. Using innovative tools which allow for easy submission of material, we are able to create content that is engaging, highly-targeted, and relevant to your customer audience.

Across all social media platforms

Found Digital can manage all of your social media accounts across all platforms so you can connect with customers wherever they are.


Our social media team provides ongoing feedback and support. They are always across the latest social media developments, and can make recommendations based on the most up-to-date social media trends.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) integration

Increasingly social media is being recognised as an important factor in search engine rankings. Our holistic approach to digital ensures your SEO efforts are always integrated with your social media.

Whether it’s promoting your stores through Google My Business, sharing of content marketing, or building authority through connections with trusted industry professionals, Found Digital can help.

Social media advertising

Highly-targeted social media advertising

Reach more customers and enhance engagement with highly-targeted social media advertising. Found Digital can identify your audience based on users’ interests, demographic, and past behaviour, before delivering relevant, timely marketing messages that drive superior results.

With ongoing campaign optimisation and A/B testing, social media advertising can deliver higher-intent visitors at a lower cost per click (CPC) than traditional Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In this way social media advertising helps to drive your marketing dollar further.

Across all social media advertising platforms

Found Digital utilises all major social media advertising platforms.


As the social media advertising industry matures, we proactively adjust our service offering so our clients always have access to the latest opportunities in social media advertising.

Native advertising & content marketing

Speak to Found Digital about extending the reach and improving the impact of your native advertising and content marketing efforts. Our creative team can craft content that connects with your relevant audiences across numerous platforms.

Through the use of sophisticated tracking tools we can monitor content outcomes, and based on results, make adjustments to your campaigns for greater return on investment.

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