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Google analytics overhaul

Maximise the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and return on investment with in-depth and up-to-date data driven insights. A Found Digital Google Analytics overhaul ensures your data is correct, up-to-date, and optimised to deliver the best actionable insights.

We will evaluate how well existing goals align with your overall website and marketing goals before determining if your goals are tracking conversions correctly. We can then implement additional goals as required, and remove unnecessary data such as spam and internal IP traffic.


Are your email marketing campaigns working hard? Or hardly working? Find out exactly how your EDMs are performing with a Found digital audit. Our experts will then advise how to optimise your content, strategy, and targeting for the best possible outcomes.

Should you need a new EDM strategy, we can do that for you based on the latest industry best practices. Our designers and content creators are experienced in crafting content that maximises open-rates, engagement and conversions.

Additionally, we can provide data cleansing and validation to ensure your email address database is accurate and up-to-date so you don’t waste your marketing spend on supplying EDMs to inactive accounts.

Content marketing

Don’t just chase eyeballs, engage with your customers. Content marketing is all about reaching your audience with relevant, valuable and timely content. Content that delivers value to the consumer, while growing your brand, and enhancing brand awareness and confidence.

Speak to Found Digital about crafting a content marketing plan that connects your business to your customers, when and where they need you. Our creative team can create compelling content, which engages your target audience at every stage of the consumer journey.

Modern content marketing is how sophisticated marketers extend their reach and grow their brands.

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