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Digital marketing strategy evaluation

By assessing your current digital ecosystem, as well as your industry’s wider digital footprint, Found Digital can develop for you an evidence-based digital strategy that drives growth and maximises your return on investment.

Your evaluation includes:

Found Digital examines your digital presence, your audience participation, messaging, targeting and more, to evaluate your current performance and opportunities for improvement.

Digital marketing audit

A Found digital audit forensically examines every piece of your digital presence. It assesses all of your key digital channels for reach and effectiveness, and features a comprehensive review of your website architecture and content.

Includes a data-driven assessment of:

Found Digital measures the effectiveness of your implemented goals and conversion tracking. We also compare your digital strategies against those implemented by your competitors.

Comprehensive report

Upon completion of your digital marketing strategy evaluation or digital marketing audit, you will be provided with a comprehensive written report, which details all findings.

The report includes metrics, competitor comparisons, best practice recommendations, as well as graphic breakdowns of current performance and proposed courses of action.

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