Found Business Intelligence

All of your data. All in one place. All of the time.

Found Business Intelligence

Found Business Intelligence (FBI) is the comprehensive, real time reporting platform, which delivers detailed and up-to-date reports any time, any where. So you always know how your digital campaigns are performing.

Its highly-customisable and cloud-based design allows you to easily access analytics from all your digital marketing channels, in real time. This unified approach means better co-relation analysis, significant time savings, and much greater efficiency.

With FBI you no longer have to sift through several different reports on several different platforms to get an overview of your digital campaigns. Found Business Intelligence gives you all of your data, all in one place.

Every campaign in real time

With Found Digital’s comprehensive reporting tools you can view metrics across all your digital marketing efforts.


Found Business Intelligence pulls data from Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, as well as popular EDM and display reporting platforms to give you a complete, 360 degree view of your campaigns.

Powerful visualisation & advanced analytics

Housing all of your data in one place allows you to create more meaning and insightful reports. Reports that make for better marketing decisions, greater brand reach, and significantly more effective digital campaigns.

Using the latest technologies we are able to streamline your metrics, identify the most important elements, and speedily deliver to you the critical data.

Found Business Intelligence can be accessed anywhere on the go using your chosen mobile or tablet device (iOS, Android, and Windows).

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